Cross infection from one patient to another or even from medical personnel to patients has generated a great concern over the last few years. Virus C is also becoming more of a threat to our Health and well-being.

Beauty and Cosmetology
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Botox injections are the best known of a group of medications that user various forms of botulinum toxin to temporarily paralyze muscle activity. This toxin is produced by the microbe that causes botulism, a type of food poisoning.


The Clinic has the most up to date GE mac; 3 channel EGechocardiogram.

Laser Therapy
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We have the best laser hair removal device (Candela GentleMax Pro) capable of painlessly, safely and effectively removing the unwanted facial and body hair. It provides Faster Treatment Session with Greater Performance and More Versatility!

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يعتبر علم التغذية الاكلينكية فرع مستحدث الى حد ما من فروع الطب وقد نمى الاهتمام به عالميا فى منتصف القرن الماضى وتحتاج الكثير من الامراض الي ارشادات من التغذيه العلاجيه والتي تساهم الي حدا بعيد في تحسن حاله المريض وعلاج المرض نفسه
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The Clinic the most up to date ultrasound device (Samsung x6). It shows the images in High Resolution. It also presents colour doppler mapping of foetal vessels. It also shows still images in 3D.


Used in the diagnosis and follow up of different pulmonary diseases.

Used in the assessment of pulmonary function before surgery and general anesthesia.